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I’d rather be Human 

Ever wondered what animal or creature your soul could have landed into ,in case it hadn’t landed in you, a human being? 

Of late I watch a lot of The National Geographic channel Wild , and this one amongst many episodes touched me.                  An  ostritch and its little one  were  walking through the bush…..like they always do, when the mother ostrich saw a Hyena walking in their direction. We all know hyenas eat almost everything including their own young ones. Well knowing how greedy and savage this hyena could get, mother ostritch decided to hide her little one in the near by bush, and it went ahead to run towards the hyena , and as probably mother ostritch had predicted, the hyena ran away. My guess is that it had eaten all the other little ones before since mother ostritch was only moving with one little one. So after the hyena scare and everything, mother ostritch went back to the hiding place, got its young one, and this time, they took another route.   On their way, they came across a river which didn’t seem obviously deep or sth, mother ostritch and her little one braved it and decided to cross. About three quarters their way, the water swept away the little ostrich. Mother ostritch couldn’t even try saving her little one this time, because it all happened so so fast. She stood there and watched her last one get swept away by the waters. For some reason, I wished I could enter the TV and save the little one. 

I sat and thought to myself , if I had happened to be an animal, maybe I would be better off a flying bird. Because the jungle is a place for the brave. Only the brave make it out alive and get to pass on their genes to the next generation.       Maybe if I were a flying bird, there would be no curfew. I would travel all round the reachable world, I would sing joyfully without being told to keep my tone low. 

But am a human being, which makes me way better than the birds.And everybody out there stands in the same position. So, there is no excuse for us not  to save our little ostritch.  We have the ability to be brave and face all our challenges. 

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