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Love. When we speak of love, different things come into people’s heads. For a child, its more like…I love my mommy. Okay, we get that because you must love your mommy. For a young teenager, the first boy or girl they kissed, or their first crush will come right into their heads….because to them that’s what probably love means to them. But for a full grown teenager, or adult, its yet another thing. You will find someone who has dated about 6 people, but they still say they haven’t met their love. Does this mean they understand it more? Or actually less? Is your love somebody that makes your heart skip a beat? Someone you can’t live without? Someone you tell all your secrets and future plans? Someone you feel worthy of you? Someone you aren’t ashamed about? Who exactly…..because even lust and friendship would present as any of the above.

How people meet their love is yet another thing. Someone once said that love is always at the first sight of somebody. If you ever love someone by constantly interacting with them or meeting them or running into them, then that is coping. Iam not sure I subscribe to this , but I agree to a certain extent.          

You can meet meet your love just anywhere. A bar, club, church, on the road , on the bus, rainy day, at a party, school, market …..I mean anywhere. 

So I took this to my beautiful people and asked them about how they met their love ..the place, was it love at first sight? How different this kinda love is from all the rest they’ve ever had, and I got answers. What’s sad is, while girls are so eager to share about their love, the boys on the other hand will either just smile, or say nothing, or tell you they can’t remember, or speak with great honest and tell you that even after dating 10 girls, he still hasn’t found his love. And my question is…..Do girls fall so easy? Do they lie and exaggerate about their love? Or are boys too sincere? Or do they just lie about love to the girls so as to get what they want?  Here I will be sharing with you some of the scenarios of how different people met their love. The identities of those who freely shared are protected .

Many people actually haven’t met their true love…..they said. Yet most boys say they have no stories to tell. They aren’t sure if they have found their true love, some can’t remember how it all went down to what it is today, and some other boys say they don’t attach feelings to some things. And honestly, none had a story to tell. This is what some of the girls had to say.

Girl1 ; she was having lunch with a friend at a certain restaurant, when she noticed  this guy seated a few tables away from her with his eyes glued to her . it looked like he had been staring for quite sometime. She paused, looked at him, and he continued to look at her. For her, it was love at first sight. She could feel butterflies filling up her gut, and she couldn’t remember what her food tasted like after that. Next time they met was on Sunday after Mass. He stopped her, said hello, and asked for her contact. She hurriedly gave it, they texted there after, went on a date , and weeks later , he confessed he had actually had his eyes on her for the past 3 years since the day he first saw her buried in her book in the library 3 years ago. He had loved her at first sight. 

Girl 2; A certain guy had been chasing her around for the past 2 years. She never felt the need to say Yes until recently. She has come to love him, although she says she can’t trust men with cute faces .

Girl 3; she met him at a library looking for a book. She was taken by how serious he looked . this had been her very first time to see him. When he caught her staring, she smiled ( the kind of smile when you are embarrassed)  well, he smiled back. She looked away, back to her book and they kept running into each other, and love germinated .

Girl 4; she met him in a certain association of students. It wasn’t love at first sight, but she constantly admired how he was committed to his duties of the association. And with time , they fell in love.

Girl 5; she was walking with a friend when from nowhere, this guy appeared. She froze for a moment. She had never seen him, or talked to him. He looked at her, their eyes locked in a stare. He said hello, she isn’t sure she replied. He walked  away, she got his number from his friend after constantly stalking him, and finally, they fell in love .she says he has been her true love.

Girl 6; she was walking with her roommate when her roommate stopped to greet these two guys who were corsemates with her. Since she didn’t know the guys, she continued walking. One of the guys walked fast and caught up with her, and they talked. They became friends, little did they both know they would fall in love with time. She says she found love with him.

Some stories couldn’t be uploaded here because they went sent in late, or the owners didn’t want them shared. Big thanks to the ones who shared their stories. 

As for me,………………to be continued.

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