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How crushes happen and how to go about them 

You will be there minding your business, and someone will make you fall in love ~ a crushing brain😂

Heart racing, pupils dilating, palms sweating, acute confusion, shaky voice……..Crushes are normal. Very normal actually 

Crushes tend to happen when our brains are bored and need some level of excitement. When the brain, specifically the Limbic system needs Dopamine , a neurotransmitter which sometimes is referred to as a “feel good” hormone. It gives us the senses of happiness, euphoria, bliss……the best feeling there is.

When you are crushing on someone, many times its on someone who doesn’t even tick half the boxes of what you want in your ideal partner. This is because the craving of your limbic system for Dopamine overpowers your judgement ability. (Like your own brain fighting another part of your brain).🙇

The limbic system works to get you to feed it. It makes us get intensely attracted to what’s physically attractive to the eye. Someone taller because its cool to have a tall boyfriend, someone richer because that’s a sense of provision, someone curvy because probably you are obsessed with curvy women, someone prettier because they are good to look at, yet your other “true” brain probably  prefers someone kinder, someone social, someone understanding.

High levels of dopamine are produced during sexual activity and very intimate moments. And after the limbic system has got what it wants ( dopamine) , the deep desire goes away.  And this is why you may start to see your crush differently after this. More reason we should always give it time and be sure its love and not some kind of infatuation or crush…………speak of one night stands 

Try remembering the people you have crushed on before and somehow manager to outgrow the crush. 😂😂😂😂😂.  I bet your current thought is what did I even like about this person? 🙆🙆

All this is normal physiology, however sometimes it puts us out of our real selves. Sometimes we get lucky and the crush is mutual and when given time, it can grow to something real. But sometimes its not the case. Sometimes this other person is probably committed to another person or for some reason will never be with you. So before this crush ruins you, there are several ways to get rid of it.

1. Keep yourself busy. Hit the gym, jog, do laundry, cook. Occupy yourself with something else. Little by little you will get over this person.

2. Avoidance. Try not to be in the same proximity with your crush. This may seem hard, because your limbic system wants you close….intact close enough till it gets served with Dopamine. But if you try to be away from someone long enough, you will get over them. 

Its okay to keep crushing on me though 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈


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