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Does True Love really exist?

In the pursuit of True love, some people say they have found true love , yet some say it does not exist. I don’t know on whose side I should belong , but maybe after my argument , you will be ready to judge me accordingly.
As young teenagers, we all have or had ( for the case of those past 19) a picture of what our dream partners should be. Some people want tall , yet others want short. Some want  dark yet others want light. Clearly we all have different preferences.
Then you get a person saying if they got someone with all the qualities  they want, they would truly love them. Am sorry to say , but I think this is  conditional.
You are on your way to town , but because you saw a jaw  dropping beauty , you follow her , get her contact , and then you start to say you love her!!! Out of the blue???Just because her beauty caught you !!!. I think this is selfish. You just want to brag around about getting a gorgeous lady even when you may not like her . My argument still goes on.

Beyond  beauty and make up always lies what is possessed by everyone. Bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels .
A nice body doesn’t make a good cook. Nice eyes don’t make someone kind hearted. Neither can a shapeless body and ugly person make the best of a person.
My argument is , meet someone , learn them. Know everything about them. Analyse their every bit and then love them. I think this will be true love. Because there will be no future surprises.
Because if you fall in love with the physical , it could wear out one day. Either by old age , or an accident , or any thing. My question is. Will the love you once felt also wear out????

Probably true love exists………….Probably.

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