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Disease versus the rich and the poor

Where I come from, Cancer, Asthma, allergies and those other rare diseases are referred to as diseases of the rich.
I found this confusing till recently when it all made much sense. Am not saying the poor don’t get these diseases, of course they do, but they usually kill them sadly before they can realise they actually have them. The rich detect them , and try to have them treated or maintained in a recessive form…the reason why these diseases are seen among the rich.
Or probably these diseases are there among the poor , but they take pity on this poor body simply because the disease doesnt want to be treated the poor way, poor feeding , and so they choose to remain hidden…….its just my way of thinking.
U must also know that not everyone’s body can be infected by  HIV . Shockingly yes , not even after mixing a litre of infected blood into their system.
Now, my interpretation of this is that even nature was too fair to them.probably with the much money or not at all, they could die from it as soon as they get it… because honestly , there is no way a disease without cure as yet  would never infect you.
    Back to these diseases of the rich, most of the causes must be from the rich life style possessed by the rich. You want to have a tattoo, yet you don’t know the consequences. You want to do drugs , yet you are not smart enough to detoxify …..and many more….you know what you do.
  and some diseases, I could say we get them from ignorance , forexample lung cancer which is due to smoking….I can’t believe someone would be as kind to support a cigarette company by buying their products and be so mean to their own only  pair of lungs.
Probably they risk their lungs so that medical school can have subjects of study. Am in medical school, but we have enough subjects already, so kindly stop smoking..

You only live once…guard your life whether you are rich or poor.

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