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Deep Memories come alive in the silence

God created nights, he also created quiet and silent times.

We like to talk, be loud, get sucked into the noise, the confusion, pretend we are well and alive and actually try to be that…..maybe we convince ourselves just too much.

Until night falls, until everyone goes to bed, until the noises go away, and then all the ignored things in our heads come back to life, back to haunt us.

The memory too fresh, you can literary feel it in realtime. Except this time your eyes are wide open and its stronger, its deeper, its painful, and whats different from the actual last time is that you cant run away from this one. You have it forever.

You toss and turn, its 3am, you barely blinked since 10pm when you got into bed. Nobody right next to you, you are alone till tomorrow when you are sucked into to the noise again and happy for a moment…….till night falls.


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