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Dealing with women emancipation

Every time I’m in a room and a topic about women emancipation comes up, the room always gets heated, some people end up standing up while they speak to drive their point home,😂, debates arise and the conversation always ends without conclusions or any agreements. 

But this one time, while in a less crowded room, the topic came up. Of course there were highs and lows in our voice tones 😂, but this particular guy who admitted to being “traditional” actually surprised me with his response. 

He was happy with what is currently being done to raise the esteem of a girl child, make career opportunities possible for them too, but he wasn’t happy with how sluggish the process was going. Very many setbacks along the way. He gave examples of women being educated, becoming lawyers, doctors, business women, but still their husbands not respecting them enough. Situations where these women end up having no say in their homes and marriages, not being able to control even their own salaries. 

And he seemed to have a solution for this. A solution very simple and practical, I wonder why we haven’t practised it . 

He said the best way women emancipation can be emphasized , made practical, and have benefits is by teaching men about how to deal with women emancipation .  

Teaching  men , right from childhood. Teaching them to respect women, telling them its possible for your wife to earn more than you and still respect you. Teaching them about gender equality, empowering them to raise strong ladies (their daughters) in future 

And as women, we should desist from discriminating against fellow women. We should pray and  support each other all the way. 

I believe this is achievable!

Its women’s day week


4 thoughts on “Dealing with women emancipation

  1. I also believe we as women are hurting emancipation campaigns by failing to support each other. It’s easier for our cause to make leaps and bounds if we have each other’s backs.

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