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#DAMNED……a poem by Rackara

Autumn leaves as winter froze,
The cold chills as her dress bellows.
Her eyes glistened ,
With the candle-light dancing in the dark.
The cold froze and the ice cracked ,
She shivered in the fear of the night’s black.
A silky spread across the devil’s dine,
She drowned in whisky to her own nihilistic divine.
The fire within created her ,
And like fate to a fantasy destroyed her.
She had arrived as her departure grew,
So many failed attempts to begin anew.
Wretched as she seemed,
Deep down she gleamed.
But it was not enough to draw her from the abyss.
For he was coming and he knew no reprieve.
Eyes shot with a danger sense of red,
He sliced and diced with a mace filled with dread.
Unbothered by the cold he approached the old shack ,
For destiny awaited him without a hint of slack.
His heart unwavered , he knew what came next , This was a routine he took on as a slight of life.

. rackara

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