24 May, 2024

Should we FIGHT or EMBRACE homosexuality?

The history of homosexuality stems back as far as the ancient Greeks, who by the way regarded it as normal behavior to a certain extent. Their nature of relationships was usually between an older man and a beardless youth. The relationship lost its sexual side after the youth reached adulthood. In Rome, masters took up […]

4 mins read

Under the influence of Hormones

Quite alot, we talk about the influence of Alcohol, possibly because we know we can control that to a certain extent, but almost never do we contextualise the influence of Hormones and the effects they could have on our life’s decisions. Ofcourse, the influence of Hormones and Alcohol combined could synergise into lethal decisions. You […]

3 mins read

Sexual Harassment 101- you might need to take a seat.

The Oxford dictionary describes Sexual Harassment as behaviour characterized by the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in a workplace or other professional or social situation. This week, Wednesday morning, my workplace gave us a Training on Sexual Harassment. Much as it was timely, i wished someone had given me this […]

15 mins read

Is she too independent? Or have men abused Chivalry

I get hit alot with the “you act too independent” phrase from guys. And many times I’ve failed to understand what my problem is. We’ll start with what’s obvious. So a girl who asks for stuff is a goldigger and one who asks for nothing is too independent. Atleast that’s how I’ve been made to […]

1 min read

My heart only sings love ………Talamoi writes

…. so I will again sleep tonightSurely I will face the wall and coil like a baby in the wombMy arms between the warmth of my thighsYes I will sleep there soundly … again I will dream tonightAm not sure which story about you will featureWill it be your voice charming me from the other […]

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