CAREER; Money Vs Passion
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CAREER; Money Vs Passion

“You might waste your Talent” I’ve been told . “We are your mentors and we know what is good for you” others went on to say. These statements have been said to me, but I am sure many people reading this have been told the same. And I’m here to ask what the fine line is between chasing your passion, and only heading for the money making venture.

You must know that it is very possible to follow a career path that enables one to make both the money, and follow their passion. But many times, just many times, we are forced to choose a direction to take. The fine line between the two is actually quite elaborate and will present it’s self anyway, but how do we choose.

Think of these situations; Someone who has been offered a hot money growth deal in an area where they might not grow much in terms of what they had always hoped to be. An option here would be to chase the money and grow your wealth in a short time and maybe chase the passion later. This sounds like a trap if you ask me, because the more money you make, the more you will want. The other instance would be someone with an opportunity to grow their passion for example a scholarship in a field they have always been passionate about, even when the money may not exactly be coming through well. People will say that when you are passionate about something, you will always find way of making money around it. This isn’t guaranteed because your service is going to be paid for by other people, hence the need to make a calculated decision.

I have a friend who always said ” you should do something that wont get you regretting and cursing when you return home at 10pm, tired,hungry, with a just okay pay check and an empty fridge. He called that Passion, i called it Slavery

Above all, I tell myself everyday and have pinned it to my noticeboard. THERE IS NO REWARD IN SUFFERING. Make this decision according to what sounds and rhymes with your adventures. what makes you Happy, what will make you giggle at 3am. whether its the money or the Passion you decide to chase. You might guess what I’m chasing.

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