About Dating🥰
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About Dating🥰

Our grand parents probably didn’t experience the struggles we go through today when it comes to dating. Who am I kidding? Many didn’t even date. One day they were single, and another day they were married to someone they were meeting for the first time and somehow, just somehow the marriage worked. The gave birth to 20 children who later had us and here we are. 60 years later, and they are still together.

You could argue it out and say their options were slim or their fantasies weren’t as overated , money didn’t play a big role back then if they lived like Bushmen and survived on barter trade. They didn’t have social media to body shame or praise people and raise the bar and standards of beauty success and self worth. All these things damn right play a role today. We may try to run away from them, but they come haunting us in our sleep, in the mirror, on the streets.

Dating shouldn’t be hard if you ask me. Imagine 2 happy people who love each other walking the paths of life together with similar goals, getting married some day , making( read having) babies together and living happily ever after. 😊. It sounds simple and easy, but it’s not. It never is. You meet hostility at many points and just like a doing a job, you need perseverance.

However, it gets hard when someone has dated different people in ways that didn’t work out even when they broke up on good terms and so they have to keep trying to date because they can’t stop? Then a point comes and it’s hard to go through the same steps of best dish, best colour, what’s your birthday, long term plans, short term goals, shoe size, and the question I’m not so happy answering Everytime; tell me about yourself. You will be shocked to know that once, I had all these common questions written down and answered on a 3 pager which I hoped to pass on to the next person I dated because I didn’t want to go through it again, but then I thought about missing out on the bliss that comes with unfolding each question on a different day , so I deleted the document from my laptop. Most recently, about 5 months ago, I wrote a pre-dating manual that had several questions which whoever was interested in dating me had to fill out before I could make my decision to date them. Again I deleted it becauseeeeeeeeeee….., Well because the unfolding bliss is two sided. So I decided I’ll ask the questions as they come by.

I still think dating is exhausting, but worth it. We feel the exhaustion when it doesn’t play right. But what is life if we can’t do the things our hearts beat for?

Happy loving and being loved back ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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